Tatú Imports is a South American lifestyle company based in Austin, TX. We offer a line of handmade Gaucho style belts originating from the province of Salta, Argentina. Made by artisans out of the finest Argentinian saddle leather and waxed nylon thread, these belts are worn by everyone from ‘gauchos’ (cowboys) and polo players to schoolboys and young professionals. 

The word “tatú” comes from the northern region of Argentina and describes a small ball armadillo native to that region that is directly related to armadillos in Texas. Tatú highlights the things that bond North and South America, as well celebrating those that make each region so unique. 


Words from our Founder:

I was born and raised in Venezuela. My family have been ranchers there since 1874.

In the ‘80s, my father started looking for new opportunities in Argentina. Whenever he returned from his trips he would bring back these beautiful handmade belts as gifts. At seventeen I moved to Austin, TX, to go to school at the University of Texas. In Austin, people always asked me where the belts came from – friends, strangers, and shop owners. I realized how unique these belts were, so I started Tatú in 2015 as a way to share them with my community in Austin and beyond.

We love these belts. The handwoven color patterns look great with jeans, chinos, or shorts. The saddle leather is made to last and will only look better with age. Our belts are different. They’re South American.


Alfonso R. Hernández Lara